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Art Museum Visit – Hannah Talarico

 When we visited the Art Museum on Washington State University’s campus, I felt that this particular graphic was the one that reached out to me, and related to me the most. The photo on the far left explains the man’s … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy – Hannah Talarico

The poster that I chose to evaluate after our museum visit was the large Posters that were advertising the Air show, and the daring tricks that they did. This specific poster had a large serif type face with bold block … Continue reading

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Pattern – Hannah Talarico

This patter contains multiple patterns in colors, within one pattern, to make a much larger pattern. There are colors that fall under same color hues of pinks, and oranges. They all also fall under the same value, due to being … Continue reading

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Pattern; Hannah Talarico

The patterns used in this quilt consist of various textiles, shapes and colors to create a much larger shape. We can see that the back ground consists of the same red textile fabric to create a stripe. The patter is … Continue reading

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Textual Interpretation – Hannah Talarico

Texture: Pink Peonies are some of my favorite flowers. I love these flowers, because they have so much depth, layers and texture to them. Within each peddle they have so many unique and different layers to them. I chose this … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane – Hannah Talarico

This photo represents point, line, plane, scale and volume. This phot was taken on my flight from Spokane, WA to Seattle WA. It was an early Sunday morning and the sun had just raised. The photo is broken down into … Continue reading

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