Type Anatomy – Hannah Talarico


Circus Air Show, California Cities. Winter 1922

The poster that I chose to evaluate after our museum visit was the large Posters that were advertising the Air show, and the daring tricks that they did. This specific poster had a large serif type face with bold block letters. The bold letters created a sharp, clean, and eye grabbing font that draw viewers in to see the show. On the posters you can see how each heading, name or important information was in red, bold letters with the largest serif font. The surrounding fonts are at a slightly smaller size, with the names of the pilots, the location, and other trigger words such as ‘Plane’, or ‘Mid Air’.

Another aspect that our instructor informed us about, that we see on these posters is the importance of the information. The larger the font, the less important the information is, and the smaller the font, the more important the in formation is. We see that on these posters for example; at the top it says ‘Circus’ in the largest font, then one line below it says ‘In history’ then below that, ‘Only  5 Performances’, then below that the date and location with ‘California Cities During the Winter of 1922’. Throughout the posters they also add various photos that include pilots, and the tricks that they do. These photos also compliment the posters and add another eye grabbing aspect to them.

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