Art Museum Visit – Hannah Talarico

IMG_9687 When we visited the Art Museum on Washington State University’s campus, I felt that this particular graphic was the one that reached out to me, and related to me the most. The photo on the far left explains the man’s body, an outline of his actual skeleton. It also has his coordinates of his horoscopes. I thought this was interesting because it conveyed him as a bare, vulnerable person, expressing his insides and exposing himself as an individual.  The next photo, looked like a thumb print to me. The artist was intending this, and around his thumb print was a writing of his life’s experiences. I thought that this was so inspiring to use text in this way. To use a serif font, in a matter to create another figure into something bigger. The text in this photograph also inspired me on my own font that I have been creating. On the far left photo, you can see how it is hand drawn, and clearly created by sketching. I thought this was inspiring to create my personal font, because it is something that I am creating with my calligraphy pen, that I am sure he used as well to create his art piece.

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