Art Museum Visit: Mikaela Thomas


“I Beseech You” by Carrie Mae Weems, 1996 

The art from the museum I have chosen is called “I Beseech You” by Carrie Mae Weems in 1996. The photograph is in black and white and appears to be very dated as it was actually taken by a 19th century French photographer. The words were later added as a political statement. I think the combination of the words and the photo make it have a different meaning. The coloring of the words against the coloring of the image makes it hard to read the words, and you have to look at it up close to read it. If it was just the words, and no image, I would know that it was something political easier. If it was only the photograph, I would never guess that it was making a political statement. I think the phrase “cast it to the wind” really resonates with the photo because the sail boat and the idea of sailing away into the wind. I think the medium is this message in this case because the photo is showing the idea in a certain way that would change if it was a different medium. For example if it was a drawing instead of a photograph you wouldn’t get the same sense of realness. A drawing could make it look many different ways that would all convey something different than the photograph. The typography of the letters are very formal looking and has very large serifs. The photograph gives is a “realness” that other forms can’t, because you already trust that it is real, and don’t have to be convinced. I think the words and the photograph are visually integrated because they both have that same color tone. The color of the text matches the darkness in the photogrpah where it feels like it is part of it and engrained into the photo. The type matches the same kind of tone as the photograph which I think is important for my project. The type and the rest of the poster should seem to go together as one and not be two separate things put together. I think the colors as well as how they integrate together is important to remember for my own project.



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