Textual Interpretation – Hannah Talarico

Pink Peonies – Texture

Texture: Pink Peonies are some of my favorite flowers. I love these flowers, because they have so much depth, layers and texture to them. Within each peddle they have so many unique and different layers to them. I chose this photo, because there is so much contrast between each flower. Although texture can be seen in a virtual and physical way, this particular photo displays a real life, physical display of texture. The photo also displays the soft and smooth texture that the peonies in the picture would portray.

Water Inspiration – Transparency

Transparency: The Lake is one of my favorite places. Lucky for me, my cabin is on Priest Lake, Idaho. The water is extremely clear, where you can see the bottom perfectly. This photo that I chose reminds me of my lake,  because of its rocky clarity. I thought that this represents transparency in a more unique way. Where there is a barrier between the item and yourself, but it is still clear and attainable. Just like texture, transparency can be seen in the virtual and physical world. This can also be seen in the virtual world, just like the physical world, through various movies and typography seen in everyday life.



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