History of Collage & Photomontage: Melissa Urueta

An example of Eugenia Loli’s collage art. Image by: Eugenia Loli

This piece was made by a California-based artist, Eugenia Loli, who creates art by fusing vintage photographs all together creating a collage that displays surreal compositions. She started by studying computer science and then becoming a technology journalist. This background helped her create the works of art that she creates today. Loli began working on animated music videos which helped her fall in love with the world of collaging and later became her main platform for her art. The only reason that this artist found her unique style was all thanks to the technology of her time. The video editing and animation of her time helped her create unique collages that have a a vintage and contemporary feel to them. Loli creates illustrations and collage art. Her collage art is technology based and is a main tool in her art and has highly influenced her work.

Another example of Eugenia Loli’s collage art. Image by: Eugenia Loli

Loli create pieces that include a variety of balance with the vintage images along with tons of contrast which create a surreal effect to the composition of her collages. Her collages are very contrasting in terms of themes and colors. For example, her collages are all created with old/vintage media and are created with a “base” image and then she tries to create a story or convey some sort of message with her work from that image. She doodles or tries to get her point across using a lot of contrast and movement. She also uses bright colors to bring the eyes into focal parts of the piece. Her use of textures also create an almost psychedelic feel to each of her collages, each unique in their images and messages that are conveyed.  With the example of the first collage, her use of contrasting ideas of the vintage woman and outer space create an unrecognizable message that she is trying to convey. This is because Loli chooses to leave the interpretation of some pieces up to the person analyzing her art. It is the contrast of colors and textures that ultimately leave leave the interpretation up to the viewer creating a vibrant and unique experience with each of her collages.


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