Texture: Eilish Rising

Texture is seen in the two different ways, physical and virtual.  In our digital world, we only have the option of presenting texture in the virtual form.  This is where skill and creativity comes into play.  Designers can create new patterns that create texture, or photographers can shoot from different angles to enhance the physical texture they are capturing digitally. It is important that texture is presented clear enough so the mood the creator is bringing to us is seen.

Photographed by Eilish Rising

This first image is taken in a plane above California.  This photo immediately catches your attention because of the clouds. They create a vivid texture that becomes the focal point in the photo.  Even though you would not be able to grab it, you can feel the clouds in your hand.  This is caused from the elevation of each point along the clouds.  It goes up and down in certain spots, which is what the structure of texture is based around.  The light coming from the right side of the photo gives us more texture on the clouds than without.  This is why sunsets are so vivid, because the light creates intense contrast that creates texture to the eye.


Photographed by Eilish Rising

This is an image of a scarf photoshopped using certain techniques to make it look like it is sitting on a blank surface.  A basic image of a scarf was taken, and was cut out and white balanced in photoshop to be put with a white background.  The biggest part about this image is the shadowing that gives the elements of the scarf depth, creating texture on the surface.  This technique is used in magazines to market apparel and beauty items.  It makes the item look like it is actually there in from of us, especially with this scarf because of the satin weave.  It is a familiar material for most, allowing the viewer to feel it in their hands without even touching it.


Photographed by Eilish Rising

This is a close up image of a sweater.  The knit is obviously very textured because of the fluffy yarns popping out from between the structured knit of the tighter yarns.  In fashion, texture is a very important element because of the role it plays on a body form.  If this apparel item was not knitted with fluffy yarns contrasting structured yarns, it would be very hard to debate that it has a lot of texture.  Texture makes certain pieces unique or even recognizable to create nostalgia.


Photographed by Eilish Rising

I wanted to add this photo I took of California Adventure in Disneyland.  This is an image of CarsLand in the evening with all of the neon lights on.  I thought it was a good representation of the role light plays with texture.  You can see the neon lights on the asphalt make it even more texturized than it would be with just daylight.  The certain colors and type of light show us the divots and imperfections on the black asphalt.  Looking at it, you can feel in your hands the way the asphalt would feel.  It also makes you feel like you are actually in the movie this land is trying to portray.  Personally, it makes me imagine times when I was a kid and would be playing out in the cul-de-sac. I believe texture is meant to help bring out memories and experiences to help us understand the meaning behind these images or designs.

The primary use of texture in a digital setting is to help the viewer feel things in their hand that they physically cannot feel at the moment.  Most of the time, common or recognizable textures are used so that people have previous knowledge of it, also bringing their own experiences into it to give it a different meaning to everyone.  Because we cannot actually understand texture in a physical sense digitally, these creative ways make it possible for us to come as close as we can to feeling it.


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