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Type Anatomy: Eilish Rising

This san serif font printed on an air circus advertisement in the 1920’s caught my eye.  The simplicity of the letters follow the theme of the poster, which is to catch the attention and make it easy to read.  The … Continue reading

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Formstorming and Modularity: Eilish Rising

This image found on Marian Bantjes’s website helps us understand how form storming and modularity act in graphic design.  This is an image she created for WIRED 15.05.  There was not much information about it on her page, but the … Continue reading

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Color Interaction: Eilish Rising

Color interaction is what can create the most emotion when it comes to design and composition.  That is one of the primary reasons behind design, photography, etc.  A black and white photo compared to a full color photo can create … Continue reading

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Pattern: Eilish Rising

I see pattern as a representation of repetition and duplication.  It can be seen to the eye as recognizable, and it is seen in many aspects of everyday life, from geography to clothing. The Washington State University tartan is a … Continue reading

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Texture: Eilish Rising

Texture is seen in the two different ways, physical and virtual.  In our digital world, we only have the option of presenting texture in the virtual form.  This is where skill and creativity comes into play.  Designers can create new … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane: Eilish Rising

Points, lines, and planes, can be very hard to determine in a digital design setting, especially when you are using them all together.  Certain visual elements in an image or design can be seen as a point to one person, … Continue reading

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