Point, Line, Plane: Eilish Rising

Points, lines, and planes, can be very hard to determine in a digital design setting, especially when you are using them all together.  Certain visual elements in an image or design can be seen as a point to one person, or a line to another.  They are essentially the matter of design.  They are the beginning of what can be created and portrayed.

Photograph by Eilish Rising

For example, this image I took of this model represents points, lines and planes as elements that cross over.  His rings can be seen as certain points, the strands of his hair can be seen as lines, and the entire body form displaying the outfit can be a plane.  When studying apparel, you must see lines when analyzing the body and fit.  There can be many different ways that lines appear in one image.  The model is a focal point all together, so one could argue that he himself is a point in this image.  His leg that is closer to us also represents scale because it shows proportions depending on how close certain objects are to the viewer.



Photograph by Eilish Rising

This image I took displays the way we see points, lines and planes in nature.  The lines at the edges of the hills separate each individual one, creating depth so you can see where one hill ends and the other begins.  When we think of a plane geographically, this is a great representation, as it creates a flat surface in-between two lines.  As an image, it represents plane as well because of the continuous texture that moves from one line to the next.




Christian Siriano Moodboard by Eilish Rising

This moodboard I created shows definite lines because of the many different geometrical shapes that are represented in the design.  The triangles create lines in-between them, while creating an entire plane as they connect.  Each model cut out can represent a point (since they can be considered a focal point) or a line (since they follow the natural shape of a line).  This image also shows us these elements in typography. The descriptive text create lines that follow the same angles as the lines.  Since all of the lines are parallel, it creates a plane that leads the eye through the image.

Points, lines, and planes create movement through an image or design.  These different elements can be represented in different forms and can cross over to the other.  They represent important areas in a design or image that the creator is trying to bring attention to.

Eilish Rising

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