Point, Line & Plane : Bryan Duran

Point, Lines, and Planes can be found every in everyday life. After doing the reading, I had never realized just how much these design elements are used in literally just about anything. Very difference concepts, yet each help each other out to stand out.



This image I took when I visited Boise this a month ago. It’s the downtown strip, the idea behind the design was used to show Line. Things such as bars, to restaurants help develop the Line element and show how powerful a simple Line design can be. The distance that the line shows helps the image, but also as you are walking down the strip to see further on. As you can see on the image, the line goes on for awhile, eventually ending at the end of the strip. The image that I took makes the line seem like its endless and will lead you to the mountain.



Here I will this example as a point. I believe this image represents point by the person (myself) in the middle of the image. In the image its looks like I’m placed in-between the mural and the floor design. There is a lot going on in the image, color wise that the eye may also direct to the words behind myself “BOISE” on the mural. As it said in the text ‘Point marks a position in space.” I think that by me taking a picture in front of the mural I can be seen as the point in the image.

I also believe that this image can be used as a Plane as well. I originally was only going to use this image as a point element. But looking into the image with everything going around it I figured I could use this image as Plane too. We have various elements that make this image stand out with the characteristics of Plane. The flat surface of the ground makes it seem like it’s tile design is very similar and tight. You can clearly see in the image the separation from ground, to wall. I believe the floor is what represents a plane in the image.


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