Technological Artifact: Melody Huerta


Mint Logo
Mint 2018

The technological artifact that I chose to represent myself is the Mint application on the IPhone. The Mint application is one of many IPhone apps that allows you to connect your banking and bills to the app to better track spending. Staying in line with what we have learned from exploring the Media Archaeology Lab I chose something that I feel encompasses past tools and technologies and puts them into a digital form.

In this case it is the technology that involves past technologies used in budgeting and balancing. These are tools that without a digital app such as Mint I would not be able to comprehend. All of the past technologies that are incorporated in the app have reduced the workload and have changed the face of what budgeting looks like today. Which for the most part is the reason I feel this app represents me as the person I am existing in this generation. Often times my generation is accused of not putting in the work that it might have taken to succeed years ago.For me the Mint app represents being able to streamline a once multiple step process over a period of time to a simple two-step process all at once.  Connecting banks and bills no longer requires paper and a pen to balance out checkbooks and create a budget.

Pie chart Representing Monthly Spending
Mint 2018

Now within five minutes I can have a monthly budget made for me using connections to my bank. Because this process is so easy and simple I feel that the work put in is not easier it just looks a different way.

Similar to the artifacts we can see in the Media Archaeology lab, the multitudes of devices that required different types of maintenance to be functional have now been streamlined into devices that simply require less work.  Technology at its core symbolizes progression and eventually simplification, the work is all still there but with technology it will always look different.

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