Point, Line, Plane – Cassidy Ward

A wall of bricks exemplifies as “line” because each individual lines of the outer edges of the bricks make their own line.

Point, Line, and Plane are in every day life and it is fun to see what shapes or images are created. In this blog I will explain every day things and the shapes I view from them.

For my first pictures I used the brick wall that is outside of my house. I felt that this exemplifies as a line because of the individual horizontal lines from the alignment of the bricks. There are also lines from the outer edges where each brick ends. Line can be explained as a long band, thick or thin. In this instance the lines are thin and dark. However, there are many of them in this image, which can be described as intervals. However, the lines I want to focus on are the ones that are on the top and bottom of each brick that create the horizontal lines.


The round dot on the wall (and the square heading) work as a point because they are individually on their own.

For my second pictures I used the door protector on the wall and the square name tag as point. Both of these items work as points, and they both do because they stand out from their surroundings, making them very individualist. I photographed this at the Chinook Student Center on campus and felt like it was a prime example, especially because of its simplicity it was easy to perceive these items as dots. A point can be described as a dot or a mark having a position.

This brick wall works as a plane

Lastly, I used a zoomed out image of the brick wall in my backyard that appears as a plane. I thought this looked like a plane because you can clearly see the end and beginning of the edges of the shape. The shape is clearly identified because the wall boundaries are more distinct from this distance opposed to the distance from the line example. In my perspective plane is thought of as a surface area, which I think is viewable from the long brick wall.

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