Point, Line, Plane – Juan Nolazco

Tapestry (Photo taken by Juan Nolazco, August 30 2018)

In the following three photos, I showcase a tapestry that I have hanging in my room. The first photo mainly shows the tapestry without seeing the rest of my room. The tapestry has what seems like an infinite number of patterns and shapes on it, but your eyes are still drawn to the middle where there is a sun. This sun serves as a point on the tapestry. The tapestry is visually stunning and stimulating, and you can spend a lot of time analyzing it and enjoying it, but at first glance you’re immediately drawn to the middle point because of the way the rest of the lines and planes are oriented.



Tapestry from medium distance (Photo by Juan Nolazco, August 30 2018)

In the second image, the tapestry itself still serves as a point, but I introduce more of my room in it. Almost as if the image is on a catalog meant to sell the tapestry, you are immediately attracted to the tapestry because of the angle I chose to take the picture from. There are subtle lines in the photo that are simply part of my room that still direct you toward the tapestry. For example, the top of the closet doors creates a line horizontal with the tapestry, and the sides of the bed create the illusion that there is a line running straight up until you get to the tapestry. There is also major color contrast that contribute to your eyes going straight to the point in the tapestry.


Full Bedroom (Photo by Juan Nolazco, August 30 2018)

The previous two photos were relatively flat, but the last photo is much more dynamic. You see a large portion of my bedroom and are welcomed by depth and different planes. You see the volume of my bed when observing how much space it takes, and the size of the windows also help put the relative size of the rest of the room into perspective. Even still, these planes still direct your eye to the tapestry that still manages to serve as a point in the photo. The top and bottom of the windows serve as lines that direct you towards the tapestry, as well as the sides of the bed and lines created by the closet doors. The height difference between the floor and my bed also create new planes.

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