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Helvetica – Juan Nolazco

After watching the documentary Helvetica, I have come to understand the controversy behind the typeface and why it is both revered as well as hated. To understand why this type has such a strong effect on people and designers, the … Continue reading

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Art Museum Visit – Juan Nolazco

The artwork I am discussing is called “And Babies” by the Art Workers Coalition from 1969. This piece caught my attention because of the powerful message and weight it carries. The work combines an image of the corpses of women … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy – Juan Nolazco

The type I chose to analyze from the MASC is from a book called “The Psychology of Printing Types”. It is a serif font that most people would just assume is Times New Roman. However, after learning more about typefaces … Continue reading

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Color Interaction – Juan Nolazco

I found this pattern on Vecteezy and it immediately caught my attention for multiple reasons. The pattern is a conglomerate of what appear to be simple blobs. The combination of curves creates a fluid look like something is melting. The … Continue reading

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Pattern: Juan Nolazco

This quilt is showcases many geometric shapes and patterns. When I initially looked at it I had not even noticed that the shapes form the letter “H” because I was so enthralled in the shapes. The quilt uses a limited … Continue reading

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Texture – Juan Nolazco

The first photo is a close-up photo of a tree. I think this is a texture you could go to extensive lengths analyzing if you really took the time to because there are is so much going on that makes … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane – Juan Nolazco

In the following three photos, I showcase a tapestry that I have hanging in my room. The first photo mainly shows the tapestry without seeing the rest of my room. The tapestry has what seems like an infinite number of … Continue reading

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