Texture – Juan Nolazco

The first photo is a close-up photo of a tree. I think this is a texture you could go to extensive lengths analyzing if you really took the time to because there are is so much going on that makes up this texture. You can tell that all the combination of cracks and bumps in this wood make for a rough and jagged feel. Since the texture of wood is familiar to most people, just by looking at this photo it is easy to imagine what it would feel like to run your hands over this texture. The way the sunlight hits the wood makes the crevices look dry, crumbly, and almost delicate. If you look closely enough between the cracks you also observe collections of dirt sticks and leaves that add to the wood’s dry and crusty texture.

The next texture I found while walking on campus. It was a large piece of diamond plate steel that seemed to be covering a hole or crack. It appeared to have been there for quite some time as it has built up a lot of dirt not only over it but in every one of the lines welded in the steel. The dirt and small indents in the steel make it seem grainy and rugged, but not rough in the same way the wood is in the previous photo. If you were to run your hands over the steel, it would not be likely to cause pain like the wood texture could, yet they are both rough. The main reason that the texture isn’t a painful type of rough is because the steel itself would be smooth without the layer of dirt there is over it, which causes its grainy texture.  The only bumps in the steel would be the pattern of lines that are intentionally put on it. The steel still has indents and imperfections in it that stop it from being perfectly smooth, but there are far less of these instances in the steel than in the wood texture.



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