Texture:Rumnik Cheema


Cinque Terre

May 18, 2018 Shot by myself


The first picture I have chosen was one I took in my study abroad trip to Italy of the Ocen towns Cinque Terre. I really love this picture for it portrays the colors and vibrancy of the area. In addition the photo is filed will many different textures. These incluse the leaves right in the front of the image showing detail as fair as even flower buds and as far as the waves that are drifting in to the ocean. In addition, the colors of the different building really provides a individual texture to the building. And last you have the cliff it self providing the most abstract texture from the natural rock formations.


Top of the Buddah

Shot by Myself India December, 2017

The second photo I have is of a top of a Buddha statue that I . It really caught  my attention when I saw the gold color gradient and the statue itself connect in a rugged way I had to snap it. This is the same reason I chose it has my second photo. The entire photo provides individual textures that all play with the lighting and color differently. The blurred flowered at he bottom have a vague but abruptness that add complements the simple texture of the statue.

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