Texture: Miranda Frasier

Created baby Deavon Prichard

The first photo I have chosen to use is a mosaic picture made out of green, ocean blue, and navy blue broken up plates to create an image. The green is vibrant and has a glossy texture. The ocean blue has two different shades of light blue within the plate and is also glossy. Lastly, the darker blue plate is the glossiest with only one solid shade. The image created with all of the plates is a peace sign designed to look like an aliens hand using only four fingers. Around the peace sign is a blue and ocean blue swirl as the background since the colors are two very different blues it creates a nice dark and light contrast. Since the plates are broken they do not fit together perfectly with little space in-between them. To separate the plates there is fine black ground up sand to fill in the cracks.


The second photo that I chose was a sunset landscape photo that I took last year while I was driving back to Pullman. The picture is on the Palouse in a wheat field. Although, it’s in the wheat field the lighting makes the field look black. This sunset is almost similar to an ombre of multiple colors. At the very top of the picture there is a darker blue that transitions into a lighter blue, to a green-ish blue, to yellow, to orange and red. Within the whole sky there are various colors of clouds that have a very soft looking texture. Some of the clouds look a bit wispy whereas some are a bit fuller. There is huge contrast in this photo due to the brighter oranges and the darker blues as well as the bright colors and the wheat fields looking black.

Photo by Miranda Frasier

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