Texture: Peyton Taffe


River in Yakima. Taken by Peyton Taffe.

Two weekends ago, my friends and I took a trip to my roomate’s cabin in Yakima. Her cabin is on the side of the river and this image displays some of the rapids in that river. There is a lot of contrast in the image between the different shades of blues that are present. The textures shown in this image are mostly smooth and patchy throughout the image



Seahorse at Shedd Aquarium. Taken by Peyton Taffe.

The next photo that I chose to use was from a trip I took over the summer to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. Its a close up images of one of their seahorses. This seahorse is yellow and is high in contrast from the dark background. It also has a lot of rough textures on it in comparison to all of the smooth blobby textures in the background of the image.


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