Texture Jan Conrad Rac

This Summer I went to Canada on vacation to visit my family and go sightseeing. This photo is located in Banff National Park. Banff National Park is Canada first national park to be open its like the United States Yellowstone. This photo is taking outside my car window while we were driving. I had to edit this photo like change the resolutions too make the photo look nicer.  A bunch of mountain goats standing in formations and how their bodies are so still. The mountain goats have brown and tan bodies with 4 legs and have black eyes. The difference sizes of the mountain goats determine the size of the horns.  In this image you can see on this tan brown road that there is texture from the car tire marks driving along this road. Also the texture of the green trees because they all have different shapes and sizes.20180816_125426_720x1000

Photo Taken By Janni Rac August 16, 2018

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