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Extra Credit Helvetica Film Blog Post Jan Conrad Rac

Before Helvetica it was such a different font  and the graphic design and typography was uses In a cartoonish way. Since the birth of Helvetica it has been the leading and dominant typeface which is a good marketing assets in assisting … Continue reading

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Blog Post Art Museum Jan Rac

Going to the Art museum was super interesting a lot of different form of arts in a different types of medium we saw videos, sculptures, and art work. I think that all the different medium and arts have a message … Continue reading

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Anatomy Blog Post Jan Rac

For My Type Anatomy blog post I chose to write about the Bible it was written in the 15th century. This book largest produce early life of printing in 1450 was a copy of the holy bible. It has been … Continue reading

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Formstorming Jan Rac

For my blog post I chose Marian Bantjes Sesqui VR-360 Waterfall because the images that had been created its very unique the images it reminds me of stainless windows the amount of time that this piece she probably uses strenuous … Continue reading

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Color Interaction By Jan Rac

I chose this pattern on unsplash of patterns and stuff I chose this unique basketball court because they have a lot of patterns and the shapes in this background. Also their are different types of patterns on the basketball court.  … Continue reading

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Patterns JAN RAC

The story of Lucy Mooney and her family Adrian Van De Graff is from Tuscaloosa Alabama and he purchased the Pettway estate in the 1900s he gave W.C. Travis as the overseer for Needom and his wife Lucy they worked … Continue reading

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Texture Jan Conrad Rac

This Summer I went to Canada on vacation to visit my family and go sightseeing. This photo is located in Banff National Park. Banff National Park is Canada first national park to be open its like the United States Yellowstone. … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane

Going off of the topic we have been learning in class points, plane, lines are in our everyday lives we see it everywhere no matter where we go different things will have one of the three components incorporated in the … Continue reading

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