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Going to the Art museum was super interesting a lot of different form of arts in a different types of medium we saw videos, sculptures, and art work. I think that all the different medium and arts have a message behind them , going off of that i think it’s cool because people have a voices and speak up for what they believe if that is civil rights gender equality whatever it is we have a voice. I think that people in today society uses their platform on social media and I think that some people that uses their platform in the artsy way are very rare qualities.  I think that its super beneficial for these artists to stand up for what they believe in. So the Piece I chose in the art museum is by KEN CHU because he speaks about a heated debate in the world and that’s about LGBTQ  he specifically targets a certain group of people which is gay asian people. In today society we don’t really see that as too much the group of people is caucasian or African American people. I think that when Ken Chu made this artwork i think that people were necessarily shock but have to accept who these people are.

The font for this Chinese man is DON KAO its in super huge font I think the reason why CHU did this is because the font is very eye popping and its very attention grabbing . also going off of the text and the images i really like the Stars because it just goes with the image and I also think that displaying the information about these asian americas is showing the world how these people have lived there lives. I think that putting these items on display in the museum is putting the world on notice. what I mean by putting the world on notice is by showing the world who these people are and that who cares like what they believe in the bottom line is this treat them like a human being because they are people too.  that the artist believes in these people and plus the text and font are eye popping so the patron will have a easy time looking at the picture. 

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