Past, Present, and Future Technology: Interview Ideas: Brandon Bliesner

I chose to read the chapter titled Augmented Reality in which the author talks about what augmented reality is, which basically boils down to being able to have things in your own reality that shouldn’t actually be there. These things would also have sensory data that corresponds to the thing you are seeing, feeling, hearing or tasting. Although there is virtual reality today, it really is not satisfying enough and a user will still know that the headset they are wearing is supplying them with this data. Augmented reality, however, would seem very real to the user, although a lot of work would have to be put into it. This relates to StoryCorps as it is basically talking about what could come in the future, whereas StoryCorps is mainly reflecting on the past. At the same time, augmented reality could also show things that have happened in the past, such as the example that was included in the chapter about the Underground Railroad. In the StoryCorps intro, the father’s story is shown in the video but as animation. With augmented reality, it may be possible to see the story firsthand, meaning you would be supplied with sensory data to create a feeling of complete immersion. With that, I lead into who I would like to interview and what I would like to interview them about. Originally, I was thinking that I would talk to my grandma about musical storage/playing devices such as a record player and its records, and an iPod with its songs. However, I have realized that my grandma is not very familiar with an iPod. I have decided that by talking to my mother instead, I would be able to get a better notion of how these two devices were used and maintained. The themes I will be focusing on are music, money, and access. I am interested in the differences of going out to buy records versus collecting music online. With that being said, I am looking forward to meeting with my mom to learn more about her life and her perspective of technology.


Asus Augmented Reality Headset                  (


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