Ward-Blog Post 7

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The work I chose to evaluate from the WSU museum was the art titled, “I Beseech You” by Carrie Mae Weems. The work was published in 1996 but the photograph Weems used was originally from a French photographer in the 18th century. Therefore, the old-fashioned feeling the black and white photograph creates is a realistic effect on the viewers because it appears that the original retro styled film photography was used within this piece of art. However, Weems added a text layered on top of the image in order to create a different emotion from the viewers. Weems combined old-fashioned aspect of the photograph and combined it with a relevant text to ovelay it in order to create a modern mood. For example, although this image was created in 1996 it reminds me of Tumblr or Facebook posts from the past decade. Ultimately, Weems was ahead of her time and definitely set a trend for moody text over moody photographs in order to create emotion in the audience of the artwork. The combination of elements ressembles a collage where new and old pieces are put together to create something new with a whole new meaning. This was mentioned in the Timothy Samara reading for class.

The text is black and centered in the middle of the work. Therefore, the words blend well with the colors of the image making the viewers really work to notice that there is small text in the center of the image. The artwork frame was medium-to-small sized in comparison to others in the museum so it was difficult to notice the words and entirety of the artwork until you looked closer. When I finally noticed the text I saw that the text was in a san serifs font.

This is a relevant example for me personally because within the text there is a thick darker part at the base of each letter and then a lighter part on other ends which reflects my idea of having a thicker and more dominant part in conjunction with a lighter and reliable part of the letters. In addition, the soothing and subtle nature of the image creates a relatable mood to my source of inspiration of the special bond between a daughter and a mother. A point in the poem Woolf mentions the morning cries of her newborn daughter and I feel like this image directly reflects the same mood of the sun rising and the quiet atmosphere of dawn hours. Therefore, this artwork is an important reference piece for me as I am finishing up my letters and moving towards the completed poster.



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