Anatomy Blog Post Jan Rac

For My Type Anatomy blog post I chose to write about the Bible it was written in the 15th century. This book largest produce early life of printing in 1450 was a copy of the holy bible. It has been translated to German translation including the gospel verse and everything is translated into German. The thing that struck me was when the person was talking about the bible and how it has been translated to german. Growing up Catholic I found that super fascinting because I never seen a bible translated in a different language the only thing I got close to see is through images on the internet but that about it. Something that is super eyepopping about the text they used different bold colors and used different sized fonts. Another intersting fact about the holy bible is that every captial letter has a colored letter to start it out it was probably a sign of the start of the capital letter. Something else to consider is that the text is written in such a different form from the gospel to the actually bible verses. 

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