Color Interaction By Jan Rac

ilnur-kalimullin-332587-unsplashI chose this pattern on unsplash of patterns and stuff I chose this unique basketball court because they have a lot of patterns and the shapes in this background. Also their are different types of patterns on the basketball court.  What makes the color in the images standout the warm and cool colors are orange and light magenta/pink color for the basketball court and the background. the warm and cool colors blending the railing in the photo. there are a lot of shapes and size of the court because every basketball court is different. I think that the apartment/condo has a nice view of the patterns.

The color that really catches my eye in the photo is magenta and orange.  The color saturation in this image is very light colors and I think that if you took this photo during the day it would have a nicer tone and shape for the background. If you took the photo at night I think that the color tone would’nt be as nice such as the day photo. This photo and colors are useds as postive colors because their are no negative colors. Things that portray negative colors are black, and dark purple and red. But overall the photo is a postive tone.

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