Color Interaction: Cassidy Ward

I chose this pattern because of its abundance of colors that are used. For example, it seems that each color on the color wheel was used, in addition to different values of each of the colors. Some versions are more vibrant than others. Value is defined as relative lightness and darkness of a color. This creates an interesting color interaction because some of the colors are more eye-catching than others. Therefore, the brighter colors seem to be the more dominant of the group.

In addition, the pattern is made of polygons. So, the size of the polygon and the color used on it influences where the the eye is directed towards. The colors with the bright values and bright hues are dominant compared to the dark colors. Especially the colors not considered to be on the color wheel like the brown and black–those seem to very irrelevant compared to the values of yellow and green which are bright and eye catching. Another thing I found interesting regarding this pattern is the contrast between warm and cool colors. The edges seem to contain cool colors like the blue and yellow but it is in conjunction with the warm colors like the red and oranges, ultimately creating a combining mood because of the combination of temperatures. The colors are both analogous and complementary. However, it seems like the complementary colors are next to each other while analogous colors are separate from each other. However, because this is an organic pattern there is little repetition so each block is separate from each other and new so the colors alternate from sometimes being complementary to each other and sometimes being analogous.

Moreover, in terms of ground and figure of the image, the image is made of polygons so it is hard to tell the difference of “ground” and “figure” because the same aspect of polygons seems to take up the majority of the pattern.


Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.26.54 PM.png

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