Point, Line, Plane

Going off of the topic we have been learning in class points, plane, lines are in our everyday lives we see it everywhere no matter where we go different things will have one of the three components incorporated in the things we see it can be inside or outside for example a building it has these 3 components but are put in different areas.

This is a picture inside Banff National Park in Alberta Canada. It has an amazing skyline with a sky super hazy from the smoke air quality and the green tree make the plane of the mountain range so amazing. The imagery of the tree has a lot of multiplication and the mountain range looks like its 2 dimensional shapes. The teal green lake has a mirror reflection of the mountain range.


Banff National Park

this is a picture of the carpet in the club junior ballroom this imagery has a lot of different colors, shapes. this is a unique carpet because they have many different lines and patterns which make the carpet unique. Also in this image I got a picture of different people feet and shoes but what interesting is that I took a picture of my shoes and two different people feet with one foot in the picture. I think that it’s a different interpretation. Each of our design on our shoes are completely different because we have different patterns and a lot of symmetry.


carpet and shoes in the junior ballroom

this last picture is from unsplash by timothy eberly its a picture of the Seattle skyline and in this image all the buildings are lit up with these red dots these buildings have different points were the red dots points they come in different points and sizes. The trees in the imagery make it stand out because of the way the tree is place its shaped in a curvy edge.



Seattle Skyline got off of unsplashed

Top two photos are by Jan Rac


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