Texture: Mikaela Thomas

Cracks in a wood log texture (Zela, RGBstock)

This is my first texture. This texture is a a cut wooden log showing the rings of the center and the cracks in the wood. It’s texture is rough and prickly where pieces of the cracked wood come up. It would also feel very dense and very hard. The coarse texture is very uniform on the photo, besides the cracks in the wood. These cracks would feel very hard and creates lines through the rest of the wood that contrasts with the texture of the rings. The wood would feel very prickly but also solid. If you rubbed your hand across it you could feel parts where the wood pieces are coming up and are prickly against your hand.

Up close photo of the structures in a leaf (Neven Krcmarek, free stock textures)

My second texture is a close up photo of the structure of a leaf. I like this photo because it shows in detail the structures of the leaf. The texture of the leaf would be soft and slightly waxy. It would also feel almost moist or wet, when you touch a leaf and can feel the water inside it. It would also feel very flexible but delicate. You could easily rip it but you can also bend it in a lot of directions without harming it. It would also feel slightly bumpy. All the different sections of the leaf would feel like small bumps. The white lines that run through the leaf would feel a little tougher and smoother although they would still feel soft.

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