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Helvetica: Rumnik Cheema

To begin with I would like to start by saying that this documentary does an amazing job making the idea of type and Helvetica to be exact. The documentary goes in to great depth on how and why the font … Continue reading

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Art Museum Visit: Rumnik Cheema

The piece I ended up choosing was the Tong Zhi/Comrade : Out of Asia America. There was many different reasons I went with this piece, one of the most prominent is related to the modern society issue in the Asian … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy: Rumnik Cheema

I was not present the day the class took a trip to see typography examples because of a stomach flu, however I did find the “Letter” reading quite fascinating. I have learned a bit about typography from previous design classes, … Continue reading

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Formstorming and Modularity: Rumnik Cheema

For my blog the piece that I chose by Marian Bantjes was “Valentines 2011”. I chose this because it really does a good job connecting the ideas of the book and her Ted talk. In the talk she really explains … Continue reading

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Color Interaction: Rumnik Cheema

In this photo we see multiple colors working together to create a pattern that leads your eyes. We see the darker hue of brown intensify the the yellow hues in the pattern. In the opposite we see the light blue … Continue reading

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Pattern: Rumnik Cheema

This quilt is predominantly made up of larger square sections which are composed of various other shapes. Most of the shapes that are represented with in the square are a form of circle. We have multiple full circle patterns as … Continue reading

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Texture:Rumnik Cheema

    The first picture I have chosen was one I took in my study abroad trip to Italy of the Ocen towns Cinque Terre. I really love this picture for it portrays the colors and vibrancy of the area. … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane: Rumnik Cheema

Point, Line, and Plane are concepts which are very different, yet all intertwine with each other. I have provided different photos that I have taken in the past that I think explain the concepts. This is my first image in … Continue reading

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