Art Museum Visit: Rumnik Cheema

The piece I ended up choosing was the Tong Zhi/Comrade : Out of Asia America. There was many different reasons I went with this piece, one of the most prominent is related to the modern society issue in the Asian LGBTQ+ communities.  I have seen some of my closest friend be affected and have their lives flipped when they felt safe and confident to come out. So to me it really is powerful to use societies least accepted groups and plaster them for attention and making them the center. The post does a great job achieving it goal due to the slight difference in the pressed letters. As well as the ability to capture so many different stories and create a uniform style is some thing I really liked. The style seemed as if it was a more uniform cutout letter then the example provided in our reading by Timothy Samara. It has a feeling of letter “blocks”  but is much more aligned. The style of this piece is similar to what I have in mind for the poster but with much less smaller text at the bottom.


Photo by Sanna Wright, November 2018

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