Art Museum Visit: Emily Deichmann

Artist: Nancy Spero WSU Art Museum

WSU Art Museum

One of the pieces in the art museum that stuck out the most to me was “ We Are Pro-Choice” by Nancy Spero. Nancy Spero used stylized representational images to touch on the darker subjects of humankind. I find this piece engaging because of the way the text and images go together. These two elements create something else. I think the text and words bring out the images and help tell a story. To me, the text kind of looks hand written and that it could maybe be something seen on a protesters sign. Once I though about that, I noticed that all of the women in the piece look like they could be protesting about something especially this subject. The illustration style for this piece is a screen print. Screen prints always look like paintings to me because they are always so colorful and leave room for imagination. I would say that this piece is a mixture between abstract and realistic. It is realistic because it is representing a real event that is still happening today, but the screen print itself looks abstract. Also, some of the women look very real and what a woman actually looks like, but some of the women look abstract. This style is appropriate to the subject matter because it looks like a protest poster, which theoretically could be what people used it for. The words and images feel visually integrated. The text looks a bit like cursive because the letters are attached but not all the way. Some of the images are overlapping each other. I think the artist is trying to communicate that women should stick together to stand up for what they believe in. That is why some of the elements are connected to one another.

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