Art Museum Visit: Victoria Henry-LeMaster

I think that this piece by Jenny Holzer holds a lot of power, the use of all capitalizations

by Jenny Holzer

and the close proximity by each letter brings the text together to create almost an image of a book of poetry. The two pages being placed next to each other and on the ground almost creates a relaxed and “homie” aesthetic in comparison to if they had been hung high on the wall.  Personally, I really like this piece, but I don’t think it will influence my own design as much as I would have thought. I used this piece for this blog post because I was interested in the content and the alphabetized statements, in addition to the overall composition of the two pages together. However, I do not think that the composition of the individual pages will inform my own; their simplicity can be informative, yet I think it had moved me in a direction away from the content. There is not really any form alteration or an abstraction like Timothy Samara mentions, other than the text being all capitalized and left-aligned there is little change.

It seems as though Holzer focused on the content of what the words would specifically say in comparison to the overall placement, there might be an inference in that the viewer could possibly see their reflection in words. Perhaps, this is a comment on the hypocrisy of societal norms that are held within the words of the piece. For example, how would one feel if you saw your reflection and then the first line within the piece that you say would have been “Stupid people shouldn’t breed” vs. “It’s good to give extra money to charity,” this piece most definitely creates a different experience for each viewer. With my idea for my design, I want it to be very clear, no matter who is looking at it, what it means.

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