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Helvetica-Emily Deichmann

From billboards to taxi cabs to subway stations and store windows Helvetica is everywhere. Most people use this font because it is just there like how a lot of people go to McDonalds because its just there you don’t have … Continue reading

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Art Museum Visit: Emily Deichmann

One of the pieces in the art museum that stuck out the most to me was “ We Are Pro-Choice” by Nancy Spero. Nancy Spero used stylized representational images to touch on the darker subjects of humankind. I find this … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy: Emily Deichmann

I chose to focus on one of the old Washington State University’s posters trying to scare the freshman. I thought it was very interesting to walk around and look at all of the texts. It was cool to see how … Continue reading

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Formstorming and Modularity- Emily Deichmann

The image I chose, as a reference was a design created for Walrus magazine. Marian Bantjes was asked to create a design to describe a schizophrenic man trying to contain the voices in his head. The first page was made … Continue reading

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Color Interaction-Emily Deichmann

This pattern caught my eye because of the shapes, the contrast of colors and the general layout of the pattern. Within this pattern, the one color that contrasts the other colors is the bright red that outlines the circles. I … Continue reading

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Pattern-Emily Deichmann

The quilt I decided to analyze was the “Housetop” variation in the Sear’s Corduroy collection. I would describe this pattern as a form of a grid. There is a type of organized grip about the pattern, but at the same … Continue reading

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Texture- Emily Deichmann

This is a photo of a drain I saw on campus. I was walking back to my house and took this photo. The texture of the drain is great I can tell what the crisscross lines feel like just from … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane- Emily Deichmann

Points, lines and curves pretty much make up every image we see in the world. The three photos I took for this assignment were of items in my room. I took a photo of a bed frame, the carpet and … Continue reading

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