Point, Line, Plane- Emily Deichmann

This is a photo of my bed frame taken by Emily Deichmann.

Points, lines and curves pretty much make up every image we see in the world. The three photos I took for this assignment were of items in my room. I took a photo of a bed frame, the carpet and my robe.

In my first photo of the bed frame, you can see many lines. The lines in the wood add texture to the bed frame. I think it is interesting to look at and follow the curves because it brings the wood to life. I think these lines create volume to the wood resulting in shadows. It is fascinating that some lines are darker than other lines.

This is a photo of my carpet taken by Emily Deichmann.

In my second photo of the carpet, you can see many many points. This photo is my favorite I took because I love pointillism. There are so many points that make up the carpet that it makes the carpet look three-dimensional. I like how there is no space between the points. Also, another design choice that makes this carpet stick out is the color choice. Alternating between colors adds more texture. A series of points make up a line and that is very prevalent in this photo. You can see many lines next to each other.

This is a photo of a robe taken by Emily Deichmann.

In my third photo, you can see points, lines and planes. Although all three building blocks are in this photo, planes are the most obvious. There are many blue horizontal lines that make up a horizontal plane. Because these lines end and do not go one forever. There are also points on the robe if you look closely to the stitching.

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