Formstorming and Modularity: Rumnik Cheema

For my blog the piece that I chose by Marian Bantjes was “Valentines 2011”. I chose this because it really does a good job connecting the ideas of the book and her Ted talk. In the talk she really explains her reasoning behind the creativity,  design, and her style. Personally I really enjoyed her talk because I like to work in a similar style where I attempt to tie in projects in with personal notes and this is why I chose “Valentines 2011”. In her talk, she explained how before valentines she goes about creating a modular design that can be recreated countless times and represent a different emotion and feeling. This blew my mind, that she essentially forces her self to create and recreate time after time a concept that is usually as simple as a heart design. In addition, just the level of modular styles that smoothly fit together on every style she has done. The components are devised of smaller pieces like wings sections, and different vectors. She really capture everything that is discussed in the book in terms of interpretationbantjes_2011_valentines-1 of character and recreate an idea .

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