Texture: Grey Kumar


This photo was taken of my kitchen counter, and I have decided to use it for my texture project. Although this photo may look very simple, there are many small details within the photo that make up a variety of textures. First off, the counter top has a very smooth texture, yet it is decorated with many different size dots and lines. These little dots and random lines make the texture look like it could be rough and uneven, however the surface is very smooth and almost glossy. For my textual representation of this smooth counter top, I plan to use strings of words to create the lightly colored lines that appear in multiple places within this photo, and individual words that are much darker to represent the different size dots that are integrated with the lines.

The second texture in my photo is a napkin that was on top of the counter. The red color of the napkin contrasts well with the off-white color of the counter top, and the woven detail contrasts well with dots and lines placed randomly across this counter. I also found that the off-white piece of fabric that is attached to the napkin almost matched the color of the counter top, yet the woven pattern in so unlike the randomness of the counter, also creating a beautiful contrast. The napkin itself has many different patterns woven into it, which also help create the illusion of different shades of red. If one was to brush their hand gently across the napkin, it would feel much more rough than the counter top it sits on, due to the many different patterns and the use it has gone through.

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