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Art Museum Visit – Grey Kumar

  For my analysis from the Art Museum visit, I chosen the painting titled “Crow in a Boat” by Rick Bartow. This painting originally caught my eye with the bright colors and heavy contrast that is used. The heavy black … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy – Grey Kumar

For my Type Anatomy example, I have decided to use the 1942 United States Civilian Exclusion Order. When first examining this example, I immediately associated the large, capitalized text at the top with a concerning feeling. The word “Notice” immediately … Continue reading

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Formstorming and Modularity: Grey Kumar

I have chose the Kitten-Flakes wrapping paper to help me discuss formstorming and modularity. When first glancing at this wrapping paper, I immediately noticed the constraints and modularity that were implied. Since Marian Bantjes was designing a wrapping paper, she … Continue reading

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Color Interaction – Grey Kumar

I chose this pattern of tropical leaves and flowers because the pattern has a great contrast between warm and cool colors. The bright red flowers stand out against the dark green background, yet they are not overpowering due to the … Continue reading

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Pattern: Grey Kumar

“Pig In A pen” Medallion, by Minnie Sue Coleman I chose the quilt titled “Pig In A Pen” for its abstract yet organized pattern. The first thing I noticed about this quilt was the wide variety of colors that were … Continue reading

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Texture: Grey Kumar

This photo was taken of my kitchen counter, and I have decided to use it for my texture project. Although this photo may look very simple, there are many small details within the photo that make up a variety of … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane – Grey Kumar

The first image I photographed was a tack sitting upright on my desk. I used this image to represent a point, since the orange plastic of the tack contrasts with the wood finish on my desk, creating the look of … Continue reading

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