Point, Line, Plane – Grey Kumar

This tack represents a point or a position in space.

The first image I photographed was a tack sitting upright on my desk. I used this image to represent a point, since the orange plastic of the tack contrasts with the wood finish on my desk, creating the look of small point in space. Additionally, the point on the tack can also be used as another position in space.






These containers can be used to represent both volume and scale.

The second image I photographed was of two containers that I had in my room. I chose these containers because they can be used to represent scale, since the one on the right is clearly larger than the container on the left, and they can also be used to show volume. The camera angle shows the contained space of the containers, which can be measured and filled.



The flat surface of this whiteboard acts as a plane.

The third image I took was of the flat surface on a whiteboard. This image works well to represent a plane because you can see the reflection of  the lights above, and since the reflection of the lights is not distorted in any way, one can assume that the surface is perfect flat. I also like this image because the reflection on the lights on the whiteboard create a line, or a connection of points.





These plants represent individual points, yet they are linear and within close proximity of one another, creating a line.

The last image I look was of a row of plants close to the sidewalk. At first glance, it may just look like one big shrub. However, these plants are lined up perfectly, much like how numerous points in a row create a line. Even though this line may seem large, an arial view would show that these plants are indeed points creating a line.

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