Technological Artifact: Ashley Cole

This is a photo of an amazon echo dot which is something that I use on a day to day basis (Photo taken from, 2018).

The technological artifact that I chose to share with the class was my amazon echo dot. This is something that I feel defines my generation because it is one of the first pieces of technology that embodies the sole purpose of listening and responding to spoken commands alone. There is no need to press any buttons on the device—everything can be done through audio. It is really nice to be able to ask a question into thin air and have an answer within seconds.

I think that this device is very important to my generation because it has many convenient capabilities such as turning on various things throughout the home as well as playing music and answering questions among other things. This device is very innovative. My generation as a whole like to have devices that are easy to use and help us in our day to day lives. This device definitely embodies all of those qualities and makes life much easier for some people. This device is especially important for people who may suffer from debilitating disabilities. It could potentially give someone the opportunity to perform a task in which they could not do prior to the invention of this technology.

I think that the Media Archaeology Lab is an extremely important organization because they preserve devices which may have been just as important as my echo dot is to me. However, these devices could have belonged to our parents or even our grandparents. It is amazing that we are able to touch and hold those devices to see how they work rather than just seeing pictures of them on a computer screen. I think it is so interesting that we can actually use some of the devices we have heard older generations talk about but never got to personally experience.

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