Technological Artifact: Milo Larson


These are my Apple headphones I use to listen to music and watch TV shows (Photo by Milo Larson, August 2018).

Growing up I enjoyed listening to music my parents used to play off CDs in the house or on long car rides. When MP3 players were first released I received one as a birthday gift as well as a pair of cheap headphones that came with the device. I downloaded a couple of songs and would listen to them on repeat for weeks. Eventually I bought an iPod Shuffle with the money I had saved up and with it came my first pair of Apple headphones. These Apple headphones are the same type of headphones I use daily with my iPhone because of their availability and growing popularity.

I feel that these headphones not only represent my personal life, but my generation as a whole. People my age, whether or not they use them, usually have a pair of these exact headphones lying around somewhere. Although the idea of an device meant strictly for playing music is gone, the Apple headphones are still often used with any smartphone device. Overall, these headphones have been around for years and although they are evolving in ways such a Bluetooth capabilities, I don’t see them being outdated anytime soon.

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