Pattern: Grey Kumar


“Pig In A pen” Medallion, by Minnie Sue Coleman

I chose the quilt titled “Pig In A Pen” for its abstract yet organized pattern. The first thing I noticed about this quilt was the wide variety of colors that were used, all of which harmonize well to create a warm color scheme, despite the touches of green and blue used in the quilt. Another aspect of the quilt that stood out to me was how the quilt almost looks three dimensional, with the dark colors in the center adding depth to the rotational pattern.

In my own personal opinion, I think this quilt was crafted to show something that is blocked in or trapped to some extent. For example, the same colors that are used on the majority of the quilt are used within the dark green fabrics, making the green fabrics feel similar to a cage or “pen”. This cage is small in comparison to the rest of the quilt, showing that there is not much room for the “pig” to run around and be free, and the rest of the quilt represents all the freedom that is on the outside of the pen.

I think the artist made it to show that maybe she or a loved one was feeling trapped in some way or another, not necessarily physical, but in more of a mental state.

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