Pattern: Miranda Frasier

The quilt that I chose to analyze was one made by Nettie Young in 1971. It is currently at the Philadelphia Museum of Art the pattern being used is called Milky Way. I would describe the pattern as super abstract. There isn’t much of a pattern that the quit is following other than the material forming an H. When looking at the quilt I see more of a color scheme using blacks, grey, and reds. Another thing I did notice is the use of circles and squares. Inside almost all of the squares there are circles and some other shapes. It’s really unique. A woman named Sara Stein actually created the squares and circles pattern with Stanley Selengut and decided to call that specific pattern the Milky Way. They used a combination of abstract art and different variations of styles to come up with the pattern. Young decided to combine making the H and using the Milky Way style together to create her quilt.

A source of inspiration was definitely Sara Stein since Young used her Milky Way pattern, another may be someone whose name starts with an H and who enjoyed the colors red and grey as that is what the majority of the quilt is. The way she made it so abstract is really interesting because you would expect everything to go together and flow but instead she decided to use different colors in random spots which I find interesting because it looks so different.


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