Digital Collage: Bethany Smyth

The imagery I used comes from my personal sources and from the internet. One image, the milky way galaxy image, can be from the web because the only way to acquire an image like that is either from the web or if I had a giant, powerful telescope. Any other picture could have been sourced from a hard copy and scanned into the computer. The cat images are from my own collection of pictures and the rest of the images I used were sourced from free image websites.

In my image, I tried to incorporate the use of direction with the cats. I wanted them to look as if they were falling in a spiral. There were multiple organic shapes and a various colors in my image such as the cutouts of the poppy flowers and hummingbirds. I wanted to keep some colors similar to that of the background, which was the galaxy. I wanted the balance of my collage to be closely symmetrical down the vertical center but with some asymmetry. To be more clear, on the right side the flowers crawl further up the side edge. I used repetition with the skulls and contrast in size and color. For example, there is the stark contrast of the vibrant red-orange color from the poppies and the black from the vials and skulls. Since the eye is trained from reading in a left to right motion, I hope the viewer looks at it in a sweeping left to right motion, following the flower from the left down to the skulls and vials, and to the other side, then travel up to the cats and back down the center.

I hope the viewers interpret it in their own way but in the end my message is questioning the use of opioids or any substance abuse. My message isn’t direct but I’m hoping the viewers can think deeply about my image rather than just seeing cats falling in space in a bed of flowers.

I used the lasso to cut and paste my images onto the background. With the use of the adjustment tab I changed the hue and saturation in some of the the images.


The objective for viewers to understand from this image is the questioning of opioids or other kinds of substance abuse.

This work could have been constructed with different technology but it wouldn’t look the same, especially sine there were functions I used to completely change the physical appearance of an image, such as the hue and saturation. Yes, I could have created my collage with scissors and glue if I wanted the same layout but in order to achieve the exact same image again I would have to create it digitally to change the colors in some used images.

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