Color Interaction – Grey Kumar


I chose this pattern of tropical leaves and flowers because the pattern has a great contrast between warm and cool colors. The bright red flowers stand out against the dark green background, yet they are not overpowering due to the lighter green tones on a few of the leaves. This creates a nice balance between the dark and light values in the image.

If the leaves were to not have any sort of light green on them, the image would be too dark and the leaves would blend in with the background, leaving the red flowers to overpower the image. The yellow flowers in this image stand out as well, but are not as prominent as the red, which adds to the warm tones in the image.

Because of the complexity of this pattern, and due to the small image size, it is hard to identify any lines that may be present. However, it looks like the round leaf with the small red flower on the bottom right could easily be a line if the image was blown up and expanded.

Overall, the pattern in this image is fairly subtle, yet can be identified by the repeating red flowers that are placed within each tile. Although one cannot see much of the rest of the pattern due to small image size, there are enough repeating elements and colors to show multiple tiles.

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