Color Interaction: Claire Martin

Both the shapes and the pattern they create are quite organic. The dark background intensifies the bright orange and blue of the flowers and the teal of the leaves. The bright hues of the orange and teal and the darkness of the background accentuated the white of the flowers. This color has a lot of visual energy because of the contrast within the image.

The contrast of the colors in this image creates multiple layers within the image. The orange of the image pops out because it is the only warm tone in the photo. While the saturation and values of the teal leaves and the dark navy background differ quite a bit, they blend together as cool colors when compared to the warm orange flowers. The blue inner portion of the flowers are also a cool color which makes it standout against the orange.

The white flowers, while not truly white, stand out against the vibrance and saturation of the orange flowers, leaves, and the darkness of the background. I find the use of shading within the image very interesting, the shading is used on the flowers and leaves to accentuate the brighter portions of the shapes. Overall, the colors of this image are not analogous, as the orange is on the opposite end of the color spectrum from teal and blue. However, there is an analogous color interaction between the teal leaves, the bright blue of the background, and the inner blue of the flowers. The orange of the flowers and the navy of the background are compliments. The inner blue portion of the flowers and the orange flowers are also compliments. This image is an example of a stable figure/ground relationship. The orange and white flowers stand out clearly against the leaves and background of the rest of the image.

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