Technological Artifact: Brianna Esqueda

The technological artifact that I feel best represents myself, as well as encapsulates my growth for a particular passion I possess, is my light pad. When I look back on points of my childhood I begin to see bits and pieces of “art” I use to create. I by no means was any form of a child prodigy, but I did have stark phases and transitions in my drawing style throughout my childhood. But, by far, the phase I look back on most fondly is when my mother finally caved in and bought me one of these toys form those commercials that advertised colorful and fun products to unsuspecting kids watching their favorite TV show. It was a tracing box. It was a plastic box that, when opened, would have two slats of plastic sticking out from its center (like pages of a book). These slats were clear and a piece of paper with an image could be laid on top if it and its shadow could be traced onto a separate sheet of paper. While this did revolutionize what my 8-year-old self could draw, tracing the outline of a shadow could not capture the subtle nuances that appear in the original sketch of a child. I look back on these frustrations tenderly and with great resolve for the understanding of how tools like this became instrumental in my further growth as an “artist.” While I resonate with these memories, I am happy to say they are a thing of the past. My light pad has now fulfilled the need to capture the detail in an original piece and allows me to embrace and work with finite precision. The light pad is a rectangular tablet that omits different levels of light. You place the original image you wish to trach over it, then place an additional sheet piece of paper on top of that. When you turn the light on it shines through the original drawing and is visible to then be trace onto the fresh sheet pf paper. This tool is a necessity to me because I like to draw my original idea in pencil, then go over it (on the fresh paper) with pen and often watercolor. The light pad has really stepped up what I am able to create and has had a lasting impression on how I begin to confront a piece. It allows me to make the final piece as close to my original idea as I currently see humanly possible. It is for these reasons I have chosen the light pad to represent my technological artifact.

light pad

Light Pad. (Photo by Brianna Esqueda August 28, 2018)

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