Type Anatomy: Miranda Frasier

While I wasn’t present in class the day we went to go look at the manuscripts I made sure I went to the the exhibit that they have set up right now and checked out the other font. The one I found the most interesting and that I felt related to the reading we did on typography was Poems supposed to have been written at Bristol by Thomas Chatterton. I was analyzing the text and I found that the first word you see “P R E F A C E” when looking at the word you can clearly see that it contains stems, bowls, cap height, base height, and x height along with many of the other parts of anatomy used in typography. This font is a serif font. We can see this by the way the ends of the words have a little hangover on each letter. Another thing I noticed that was mentioned in the reading is the size difference. It is common for the firs paragraph of a word to start with a bigger capital letter than the rest of the words. You can see this when the paragraph starts with the word “The”. 

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