Formstorming and Modularity: Miranda Frasier

After reading through the chapters and watching the Ted Talk by Marian Bantjes I started to have a better understanding of formstorming and modularity. I started to notice it more in other peoples work as well as it inspiring me to start focusing on doing it in my own work. The presence of these two concepts are extremely present in Bantjes’s work. It’s actually what she focuses on when she is creating a new piece of art. She wants the viewer to think about what she is doing and really take a good look at her work and what she has created.

I found formstorming to extremely noticeable in her piece called Tolerance Poster. She was asked to create a poster for a an exhibit. Formstorming is a way of using visual elements in a deeper and more creative way to make the viewer really think and engage with what they are working on. In my opinion this poster is a great representation of that because the poster is so abstract but if you really take a moment to look at it you can see the words celebration, solidarity, acceptance, compassion, understanding, and many others as the poster goes on. But as the words change so does the color scheme and the words being used become less kind. Not only does she make you think deeper she also showed moods and feelings with the words by her color choices.

As for modularity, which is a constraint or rule for the piece that you are working on and  you can see her use of that as well in the poster. She had to create a poster with a theme of tolerance and she did that by sticking to words that go along with tolerance and created a really nice thought out poster.


By Marian Bantjes

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