Formstorming and modularity: Kelly-anne Cubley

The Year in Poetry

New York Times Cover by Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes has done many works and you can see the inspiration and some of the thought process that she goes through in each one. The piece that I will be taking a look at is the New York Times Book Review.

The formstorming or visual thought of this piece can be broken into many pieces. She says that in order to make this piece she had to consider the feeling of poetry and when doing this, she was thinking about rain and tears. In thinking of these concepts the letterforms were made. These letters had water dropped onto them while still wet allowing for the spread of ink. She took these letters and then arranged them in a grid-like format with the individuals making up the names of authors. Each element is important. I can only imagine how many iterations she had to go through to get this final product.

The requirements of this piece were to create a cover that says “The Year in Poerty” and include a long list of names. She had further restrictions after creating the font because unless she went back, she only had the images that she scanned in. This had to show up in both print and screen views. The circles vary in size but stay true to the grid.

I enjoy Marians work because she keeps creativity in her work even as she has restraints. I love the ability to follow a grid but keep it fresh and with movement and motion.

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