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Art Museum Visit: Kelly-anne Cubley

One piece that really caught my eye was Tong Zhi/ Comrade: Out of Asia America. This is because I myself am part of the LGBT community. I see how it affects people on a daily basis as well as how it … Continue reading

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Type Anatomy : Kelly-anne Cubley

The letter C in Queery Leary Nonsense. When looking through the texts in MASC, the book, Queery Leary Nonsense (1911) caught my attention. This book was interesting as the content was handwritten and drawn. The style of this book was fun and … Continue reading

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Formstorming and modularity: Kelly-anne Cubley

Marian Bantjes has done many works and you can see the inspiration and some of the thought process that she goes through in each one. The piece that I will be taking a look at is the New York Times … Continue reading

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Color Interaction: Kelly-anne Cubley

Within this illustration, there are many colors against a dark blue background. Two of these colors really stick  out to me. These are the pink and orange colors. Blue and orange are opposites on the color week and pink is … Continue reading

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Pattern: Kelly-anne Cubley

The quilt that I chose to write about is called “Single Irish Chain”—Nine-Block Variation made by Maggie Benning in the 1950’s. Maggie was born in the year of 1891 -=and died in the year of 1985. I see three main sections of this … Continue reading

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Texture: Kelly-anne Cubley

Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, blue and Purple. Many strands of yarn make up a tassel and are intern woven woven in different patterns in order to make a new texture. Blue makes a prominent zig-zag pattern across the top of … Continue reading

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Point, Line, Plane: Kelly-anne Cubley

Point, line and plane are concepts that people can use to help describe what they see each day. With these concepts, as well as scale and volume, we can give meaning to what we see. Points in design are different … Continue reading

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